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Upgrade Your Trades with ASV’s upTrade

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  • Dealer Trades have become more common and more complex. How do you evaluate the car you are taking back? Which vehicle would be best to trade away? The answer is upTrade: the one-stop dealer trading solution

  • ASV’s upTrade will target the best units with our proprietary ranking algorithms

  • Q: How is upTrade different from the Vehicle Locator program?
    A: upTrade evaluates your inventory and chooses the best fit from the inventory of your trade partner. upTrade will not only identify these desired units, but it will also tell you why these units are a good match. You can also instantly analyze any VIN for a rating of that unit

  • upTrade’s Scorecard displays detailed analytics that evaluate every aspect of the vehicle, all the way down to the option level. It will warn you if a vehicle has too much content, is missing a crucial option, or is an undesirable color based on your market trends

Never again be surprised by the configurations of vehicles you trade in

Beta Testing Will Begin This Fall – Contact Us to Join the Test Group