ASV Ordering Service

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Let ASV's Data Drive Your Inventory

For the past 8 years, our focus has been getting the right inventory

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  • Impressive Returns

    Our success at the dealership greatly surpasses the investment. We decrease floor plan expenses, improve grosses, and allow dealers to maintain or increase sales with a smaller inventory

  • Our Business is Inventory

    ASV optimizes your inventory by using market data and analytics in every decision. We set ourselves apart by utilizing experienced professionals and cutting edge technology

  • The Right Mix for Your Lot

    ASV manages inventory exclusively for Ford and Lincoln dealers, and has successfully ordered more than $10 Billion worth of new vehicles since 2005

  • Worry Free Ordering

    We handle your inventory from start to finish so you never have to worry about SIMS or RGO orders. Spend your time running your dealership

  • 11%


  • 10%


  • 17%


  • 21%

    Turn Rate

Find the Perfect Match

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  • The Customer's Dilemma

    Customers spec out their perfect vehicles online and expect to find them at their local dealership

  • Matching Customer Demand is Key

    Our data and analytics allow us to find the perfect match. We order vehicles customized for your lot that turn faster, reduce days supply, and increase your profits

  • From Thousands to One

    Manufacturers have been working hard to reduce the different number of builds per vehicle, but even in the simplified case there are still thousands or millions of possibilities. Our software and professional staff identify the "right" one for your customers

  • ASV's Proprietary Performance Factors

    Performance factors drive the decision points for each new vehicle order. These factors are analyzed by our ASV experts on the dealer level, as well as the zone, local market (2-3 zones), and regional level

Make your dealership a destination and not a “drive-by”

Real-Time Data that No One Else Has

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  • Data No One Else Has

    Our software has data that you have never seen from any other source - and we have been collecting and studying it since 2005. Let ASV leverage our data for you

  • Unparalleled Access to Real-Time Market Trends

    ASV gets the most up-to-date data. Our advanced analytics tailor to the market characteristics and adapt quickly to the changing sales environment, becoming smarter over time. This means leading trends to capture opportunities at your dealership

  • ASV Performance Factors

    Our ASV performance factors include fast turning sales, opportunity gaps, average days on lot, and front-end-grosses. We analyze your complete dealer sales history, opportunities in your local market, and trends in the larger region. Having robust data provides the backbone for balanced inventory

"With their analytic capabilities, ASV ensures that we order the right product for our market." - Frank McCarthy, GM of Sheehy Ford Springfield

Let ASV Focus on your Inventory

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  • Simple Focus

    Ordering inventory has become more and more complicated, with mountains of information to look at every week. With all of the new systems and quick turnarounds it is difficult to stay ahead of the game. Inventory is our specialty and your ASV account manager’s only focus. We configure your units without being distracted by other dealership operations

  • We Handle It All

    There are many components to the ordering process, and ASV handles them all. This includes CONCEPS entry for every stock unit, communicating with Ford regarding your inventory and special requests, SVS Previews, SIMS Commodities, Regional Commodities, Pull-Ahead RTOM Allocation, Fast Turn Reports, Dealership DSP Reports, New Order Guides, Specialty Units, Fire Drills with Zone Reps, avoiding Factory Orders, Retail Status Emails, Model Year Changeover, and more

  • Getting More than Our Fair Share

    Since our focus is to get the best units for you, we layer your order bank, knowing what shoppers want most, to increase the chance of getting constrained commodities on the right vehicles. We also have other methods we've developed and use to get you the best units

Don’t waste money on ordering mistakes

Your Perfect Match in Service

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  • Worry Free Inventory

    With the ASV Ordering Service, you no longer have to worry about ordering. We build your orders, submit them to the plant, and track each order to make sure the scheduling was a success. We have a great track record, so you can trust that your inventory will be in balance

  • ASV‘s Dedicated Account Managers

    Each of our clients has a dedicated account manager looking after their inventory, so you will always have someone to talk to about your vehicles

  • A Wealth of Knowledge

    ASV is composed of a select team that combines computer science, engineering, data science, and extensive experience in the automotive industry

  • Online Access

    ASV provides each dealer with a suite of online inventory management tools and a wholesale guide. Click here for more details

"ASV takes the worry out of ordering" - Mike Pallotta, Owner of Pallotta Ford

FAQ - New Vehicle Ordering

  • Are ASV's turn rates really 21% better?

    Yes. The dealerships that use ASV's Ordering Service, on average, have a 21% faster turn rate than surrounding dealerships. The turn rate is based on Ford's SIMS reports.

  • Why should we consider giving up control of what we order?

    At ASV we do not take control of orders - we have the technology and talent to give control to the next potential buyer entering the market. ASV increases the probability that a potential buyer will find a perfect match, either searching your internet site or visiting your lot. When that happens vehicles move off the lot faster and the buyer is willing to happily pay more to get what they want.

  • How often do you update your sales and inventory information?

    We update your inventory ever day and your sales every week. This gives us a fresh look at all recently sold units and new arrivals when we place your orders.

  • What is ASV’s relationship with Ford Zone Reps?

    ASV has a very good relationships with Ford Zone Reps mainly because we generate buildable orders, within Ford’s weekly constraints, that move off the lot faster than other dealers. A lot of our clients have been referred to us by Ford Zone Reps.

  • Why do we need you? We have been in the car business forever.

    Our only job is to order and monitor new vehicles. We are constantly analyzing order guide changes, tracking new trends, and reviewing data. Our knowledge base and data-driven software puts us in the best position to order your vehicles.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our full service ordering service costs $25 per serialized unit. For large dealerships with prior-year sales greater than 1,200 units (Ford & Lincoln combined), ASV will reduce the per unit charge to $20 per unit. We never charge for unscheduled orders or fleet orders. This price also includes access to our lot manager, inventory search, and wholesale tool.

  • How long does it take to get started with the Ordering Service?

    Once we are given FMC, DSP, and Conceps Logins, we can be up and running in one week. In this time we like to review your inventory practices to discuss advertising units, fleet orders, and general information about your dealership.

  • Where do I find the Lot Manager?

    Check out the Lot Manager here for more details.