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ASV Leverages Your Data to Increase Perfect Matches

Data science, combined with the right technology, can deliver huge improvements in the new vehicle distribution channel. It is absolutely critical that manufacturers deliver the right vehicle information with advanced analytics to every dealer, which will increase the number of perfect matches and turn rates. A Manufacturer’s focus and time will shift from estimating dealer needs, without complete information, to real market movements that can be amplified or corrected through tactical marketing actions that will cost less while delivering more positive results

Proven Track Record of Results

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  • ASV’s expertise is delivering new vehicle ordering, trading, wholesale, and inventory management systems to support both manufactures and dealers

  • We have years of experience developing software that can handle all the nuances of new vehicles distribution, including commodity constraints, new product lines and features, model-year changeover, natural disasters and supply disruptions, and rising or falling interest rates

  • Every piece of our software is designed to incorporate comprehensive market data and analysis to quickly guide the user to make better decisions - FAST

Manufacturers with immediate intelligence have a distinct advantage versus competition

Use ASV to Build Market Share

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  • As new vehicle shoppers become increasingly tech-savvy, more buyers determine exactly what they want and find out where it exists

  • For the shopper considering more than one brand, the manufacturer whose dealer is closest and has a perfect match should close the sale

  • When ordering, trading, and managing inventory, ASV’s patented software examines each dealership’s entire sales history along with area market trends and patented ASV Performance Factors to increase the number of perfect matches

  • At the manufacturer level, the same algorithms can be used to order port/pool inventory, stock new dealership points, and optimize the supply chain

  • The data that drives each order can be displayed on the screen for each user every step of the way. This clearly illustrates the link between the suggested orders and customer demand for increased transparency

Proprietary algorithms match demand at every dealership

We Tailor Our System to Meet Your Needs

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  • All of our systems are fully customizable to fit the requirements, product structure, business rules, and look and feel of your brand

  • We pride ourselves on our flexibility in connecting with existing systems to pull data and submit buildable orders; we support everything from flat files to our own API, as well as everything in between. This flexibility allows us to be “Plug and Play” with older legacy systems and avoids changes to existing manufacturing and logistics systems reducing the time it takes to integrate our tools

  • Our systems are designed to be fast and precise. One common complaint of legacy dealer and manufacturer systems is performance, so we have spent our time engineering a system that works on all devices and can provide the performance level that users have come to expect from modern web applications

Complete software solution from manufacturer to dealer