ASV Lot Manager

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The Tools You Need to Manage Your Inventory

Computer screen, table screen, and smart phone screen all showing the browse tool
  • Your Inventory at Your Fingertips

    The ASV Lot Manager is a growing collection of online tools designed to manage every aspect of your new vehicle inventory. We collect, combine, and parse your sales and inventory information into an easy-to-use, flexible format

  • Great Tools Come with the Service

    Always available when you need them - Inventory Reports, Inventory Browse Tool, and Wholesale Guide

  • Retail Customer Tracking

    Our service now includes a weekly retail email that tracks every retail unit from entry into the system all the way to delivery

"Auto Sales Velocity provides excellent managerial reports that enable us to better manage the inventory and make informed wholesale purchase decisions" - Frank McCarthy, GM of Sheehy Ford Springfield

Wholesale: Get It Right

Screen shot of ASV's wholesale tool
  • Customizable for the Needs of Every Dealership

    We recommend a commitment for each vehicle line based on days supply and historical settings that you control. Review your sales history versus stock levels in a visual quick-to-analyze graph. Customize each vehicle line to handle differing days supply, model year change over, and balance out

  • Make Informed Decisions

    Confidently make the right wholesale decisions by utilizing all of the information you need on one screen

Inventory Search: Flexible and Easy to Use

Screen shot of ASV's browse tool
  • Fast, Efficient, and Always Operational

    View your entire sales history with inventory split by vehicle line, in-stock, in-transit, and on-order. Easily search your inventory with a few quick clicks:
    • How many gray Fusions do we have on the ground?
    • Do we have a White Explorer Sport on the way?
    Sort search results by Model, MSRP, arrival status, days on lot, and much more

  • Detailed vehicle view includes a link to the window sticker and invoice for every vehicle

Inventory and Sales Reports: Stop Wasting Time

Computer screen, table screen, and smart phone screen all showing the reports tool
  • Inventory One Stop Shop

    Inventory is updated daily, and is compiled with sales into flexible, easy to use reports that save time and eliminate the need to look at your inventory figures anywhere else

  • Features

    Combines Manufacturer data sources and your DSP to pull accurate inventory numbers. Plan advertising and promotions before vehicles arrive. All reports can print to PDF and Export to Excel

  • Reports

    View your Complete Inventory, Inbound Units, Aged Inventory, Unscheduled Allocation, and More

The Lot Manager is included with the ASV Ordering Service