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Our Mission

ASV employees gathered around a computer
  • Our goal at ASV is to apply data science and advanced analytics to the new vehicle distribution channel. We harness massive amounts of data in real time, translate this data into coherent information, and deliver this intelligence in an intuitive user experience that supports key decision makers.

  • As the number of tech-savvy new vehicle shoppers rapidly increases, more buyers determine exactly what they want and at which dealer it exists – our patented technology identifies and creates these perfect matches. The auto dealer or manufacturer that adopts this game-changing approach will experience more shoppers arriving that not only buy, but also will pay more to purchase exactly what they want. The net result is an improved bottom line driven by a higher turn rate (lower floor plan), higher sales, and higher front-end gross.

Our History

ASV employees gathered around a computer
  • In 2004, the founders of ASV implemented a pilot project with several Ford dealers to improve performance in their new vehicle departments. The objective was to develop a process for analyzing all of the available data to identify what vehicles sold the fastest and to build these configurations. We then worked to identify technological resources to manage and investigate the data to efficiently assist the decision makers on each new vehicle content decision. Finally, we measured the financial results over a one year period. By the end of 2005, the positive financial impact became clear and far exceeded our preliminary assumptions.

  • Today our patented software supports ordering for over $4 billion of new vehicle inventory annually for Ford dealerships in the United States. Additionally, every U.S. Mazda dealer utilizes ASV‘s proprietary software to order new vehicles. ASV is growing, but more importantly, we are constantly developing new technology that reflects our clients’ goal to perform better in the new vehicle market and maintain a competitive advantage.

Our Management Team

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David Smith, Co-Founder, CEO

David’s vision for ASV was to introduce modern distribution practices and technology into retail auto dealerships. He put together a unique team of founders to realize this goal and has guided ASV’s growth from startup to established company.

Prior to ASV, David worked for 30 years at the Ford Motor Company and retired in 2002 as the Director of Retail Development and Strategy. David’s broad experience at Ford, especially improving distribution efficiency for domestic and import brands, along with directly supporting dealer retail operations, gives him a unique ability to identify what will create a competitive advantage in the dealer to manufacturer interface on new vehicles.

At Ford, David managed the distribution area when new systems were launched for dealers to order vehicles. He designed and launched the Fast-Turn Report to assist dealers in understanding their market area and stock vehicles that reflected demand. He was the Lead Marketing and Sales Executive on Ford’s increase in ownership of Mazda and the purchase of Volvo Car and Land Rover. He developed and successfully implemented plans to improve efficiency of distribution channels for newly acquired automotive companies.

David graduated from Boston College with a major in Economics, and has a MBA from the NYU Stern School.

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Sean Benderly, Co-Founder, Analytics & Operations

Sean developed ASV’s proprietary decision-making algorithms to efficiently build new vehicle orders and optimize dealers’ inventory. He also helped create the patented ASV Performance Factors that utilize our extensive data to build the best configurations. Currently, Sean manages the new vehicle ordering team. As a group, they support ordering for over $4 billion of new vehicle inventory annually.

Sean graduated from Columbia University with majors in Economics and English. He lives in Colorado with his wife and two daughters.

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David Smith Jr., Co-Founder, Software Strategy & Design

Dave developed the ASV data system that collects, normalizes, and analyzes vast amounts of raw new vehicle market data and delivers it to our software tools for ordering and new vehicle inventory management. Recently, Dave has been working on moving all of ASV’s software to a web based html5 platform with a new data backend that will support all manufacturers. Dave also leads our Manufacturer Products team and works to customize our tools to their specific needs.

Dave graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with majors in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. He lives in California with his wife and two kids.

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Erin Benderly, Co-Founder, Operations & Design

Erin developed the user layout and interface for ASV’s patented ordering system. She also designed the process that is used to order over $8 billion in new vehicle inventory every year. She continues to improve this system and develop additional modules as needed. Erin also helped create the patented ASV Performance Factors that utilize our extensive data to build the best configurations.

Erin graduated from Cornell University majoring in Operations Research Industrial Engineering with a Computer Science concentration. She lives in Colorado with her husband and two daughters.

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Tom Nigro, Inventory Account Manager

Tom brings to ASV over 10 years of experience in the renewable energy and defense industries. Before joining ASV, Tom worked as a production engineer for a wind turbine manufacturer, where he developed the newest models of wind turbines and their production lines. Tom also worked in the defense industry, where he developed fluid systems and components for the newest classes of Navy nuclear submarines. Tom’s experience in developing products helps ASV deliver new software to its clients, and his refined analytical skills help him utilize ASV’s proprietary data to deliver his clients the very best inventory.

Tom graduated from Cornell University majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He lives in Colorado with wife and two kids.

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Chris Lacis, Inventory Account Manager

Chris brings to ASV over 10 years of experience in inventory management, planning, and procurement. Before joining ASV, she worked for a renewable energy company where she was responsible for creating and executing a wind turbine production schedule that maximized factory efficiency and met customer demand. She also worked for a top healthcare company where she led strategic projects throughout the organization to reduce costs and increase service to customers. Chris’ experience in data science and project management helps ASV’s clients achieve the best results.

Chris graduated from Cornell University majoring in Operations Research Industrial Engineering. She lives in Colorado with her husband and twin sons.

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Adam Davies, Inventory Account Manager

Adam came to ASV from a wind energy company where he was responsible for procurement activities to support a dynamic manufacturing environment including purchase order processing and supplier relationship management. He utilized production forecasts to align inventory targets, manage supplier activities, and ensure continuity of supply for production. With a background in purchasing, Adam brings unique knowledge and skills to help grow ASV and its clients’ business through market data and performance analysis.

Adam graduated from Colorado State University majoring in Business Administration with concentrations in Management, Supply Chain Management and International Business. Adam lives in Colorado with his wife and two dogs.

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Drew Vinciguerra, Senior Software Engineer

Drew is experienced in all phases of mission critical software development. His career spans many different industries including, Video Games, Hospital Systems, Robotics, Digital Cinema, and Digital Music distribution. Drew’s experience working with large, cutting edge, real time software systems is a perfect fit for the next generation of ASV offerings. Drew lives in Colorado with his wife.

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Ben Peterson, Inventory Account Manager

Prior to joining ASV, Ben worked for a Coriolis flow measurement device company where he was responsible for coordinating and implementing a diverse supply network of material suppliers to support manufacturing globally. He utilized his supplier management skills in order to find and develop suppliers who could deliver material cost competitively while meeting the speed and flexibility requirements needed for production. Ben’s experience in supplier management helps to continually develop the relationship between ASV and its clients.

Ben graduated for Colorado State University majoring in Business Administration with concentrations in Management, Supply Chain Management, and Entrepreneurship. Ben lives in Colorado with his family.

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Zack Thoutt, Full-Stack Software Engineer

Zack is a member of the engineering team and works across our entire stack--from design and web apps to business logic and AI. Prior to ASV, Zack was an engineer at Mocavo, which was acquired by DC Thomson in the largest TechStars exit to date. When Zack's not at his computer coding you'll probably find him hiking around the mountains in Colorado, clearing his mind at a yoga class, playing board games with friends and family, or traveling around the world in search of the most scenic natural landscapes.

Zack graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Colorado with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and minors in Economics and Biochemistry. He lives in Boulder, CO with his wife, Shelby, and border collie, Skutull (it means harpoon in Icelandic!).

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Cassidy Davies, Inventory Account Manager

Cassidy is a member of the ordering team and comes to ASV with over 8 years of data analytics and relationship management experience across multiple industries. Cassidy’s strong passion for learning partnered with her desire for accuracy makes her an excellent Inventory Account Manager. Her skills in relationship building and customer service supports her in forming trusted and valued relationships with her clients.

Cassidy graduated from the University of Colorado with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration. Cassidy lives in Colorado and loves spending her free time with her family (especially her husband and baby girl).